New media VS Social Media

Branding, from the business point of view, should be designed to differentiate your product from all others. Looking at it from the new media point of view, you have to be unique and adventurous in order for your brand to gain favourable influence on-line.

A lot of people know what new media is, but some people still confuse it with social media. First of all, new media is a generic term for the many different forms of electronic communication that are made possible through the use of computer technology, compared with ‘old’ media forms such as print newspapers and magazines that appear static.

New media includes websites, chat rooms, email, on-line communities, web advertising, DVD and CD ROM media, virtual reality environment, telephony, digital cameras, streaming audio and video, mobile computing,.

However, social media includes Internet or mobile phone-based applications and tools to share information among people. Social media includes popular networking websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter; as well as bookmarking sites like Digg or Reddit. It involves biogs and on-line forums with an interactive presence which allows individuals’ ability to engage in conversations with one another, often as a discussion over a particular biog, post, news article or event.

 Many Nigerians, like others in different parts of the world, make use of social media mostly on their laptops, desktop computers, and on tablets. Also, experience has shown that many Nigerians access the Internet with their smart phones mostly; thus they make use of the social networking apps embedded on the phones.

Using new media for branding entails more than just social media sites. Today, brands are born, not made. A brand must be capable of generating favourable publicity. It goes without saying that instant access to information has fundamentally changed the way we use the media. And the rise of smart phones allied to the incredible popularity of social media has taken the importance of the Internet to an even higher level.

Some of the ways you can increase your brand value, using new media, are: raising your profile on-line, one of the websites you can be on is LinkedIn, this is professional social networking site that can open you up to many people from different parts of the world.

This is the place to tell people about your achievements, whether as an individual or as a company. Regular and well informed blogging can help build audience and increase loyalty among the people who are interested in what you are saying. Take decent photos to upload and link your biog to popular social networking sites in order to build traffic as well as manage your reputation on-line.

This leads to success in the business world, so you should be conscious about what you send on the internet; be up to date with new media like websites that offer better services, chat rooms, email services, on-line communities, web advertising, DVD and CD ROM technology, interactive television, video conferencing, business applications, etc.

New media opens up alternative forms of publication and presents opportunities and challenges for traditional communication. The traditional mass communication was essentially one-way, while the new forms of communication are essentially interactive.

Thus, in this digital technology-driven world, the new media and the traditional media forms are in close competition. However, experts say they will complement each other. Companies have to include new media use in their day-to-day activities and be more creative in their communications. They have to be in the areas of on-line news content creation and activation, influence relations, and on-line intelligence — that is, listening and analytic  through news and community; and on-line customer relations management.

Today, we have moved from the TV industry to the digital on-line industry. This has injected massive growth into all creative industries. Companies should equip their staff to be in tune with modern technologies. In fact, what digital content managers say is that one does not have to be a techs guru to use the Internet.

The persistent parade of new media is unfolding on many fronts. Almost every advancement in media is billed as a breakthrough, and ends up in the list of “next big things” for communications. Although not every emerging technology will alter the business or social landscape — some truly do have the potential to alter the way people live and work, and rearrange value pools.


Getting the word out on Twitter

Twitter allows its members to easily respond or address each other by placing the “@” symbol in front of the person’s handle (user name), as in @yournamehere in posts. When a post begins with a person’s handle, however, Twitter treats it as a semi-private reply to that person. This means only the sender, the recipient and anybody who happens to follow both people can see the message in their personal Twitter feeds, although the message can also be seen by visiting the sender or recipient’s timeline page.

To convert the message into a form that Twitter will not treat as a personal reply, many users just type a period in front of the handle, as in “.@yournamehere.” If the user name is not at the very beginning of the message, the tweet shows up in the feeds of all the person’s followers because Twitter does not consider it to be an official reply.

Moving the person’s handle even further into the body of the message, as after a salutation (“Hey there, @yournamehere, how do you like those New York Jets now?”) also makes it visible to your followers. Twitter refers to these types of tweets as “mentions” and also lists them on its Connect page for each person noted in the message.

Identifying opportunities on social media

The ability of the rich to identify opportunities is one step towards becoming rich . The second step is the action that you take . The poor sees opportunities, but even when he gets a glimpse, he doesn’t take action. Same with social media. As an entrepreneur, have you been taking advantage of opportunities which abound on the social media space?

The greatest companies have always seen opportunities and have taken necessary actions. Social media bring immense opportunities your way, either for business or personally. A report from Insite Consulting says about 61 per cent of US companies monitor consumer conversations on social media, and 83 per cent of them answer complaints and questions via social media.

Your customers are turning more and more to social media sites to air their product ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes.’ That shouldn’t be too surprising. Social media is becoming an important customer relations channel, and it’s also a great source of intelligence report on both your own and your competitor’s products.

Embracing the social media can make or break an organisation. Social media has challenged conventional marketing. Yesterday’s marketers had the privilege of ‘I-talk-you-listen.’ Now, with social media, consumers are talking and companies that do not listen are quickly “way-laid.” So, the new trend is ‘engaging the consumers.’

How do you intend to engage your customers?

Meet your customers in their leisure period: The average person spends a minimum of three hours surfing the Internet. When I make presentations, I ask my audience how many of them have visited a social media network before coming for my presentation. Almost everyone will raise their hands, some will nod. Surprised? With the infiltration of mobile phones, what do you expect?

Let the current century marketing take effect: You need to understand the fact that consumers know more about your brands and those of your competitors more than you may ever think.  To build on this, you need one-on-one marketing, which is what social media platforms afford you. The current century is not advertisements and brand campaigns thrown in customers’ faces; mind you, they will throw it right back at you — your face.

Take it further: Relationship is what keeps customers. Often, companies feel once they satisfy their customers, they have a relationship with them already. Unfortunately, satisfied customers leave all the time. Social media give you room to meet, know and create a relationship with your customers.

The world is a trendy place full with movements the faster you can go the better , look at it this way ,

 Why do people un-follow you on Twitter, only to follow someone else? 

Some companies don’t have social media platforms but still they feigned ignorance  as if nothing is happening .take it or leave it they are losing out on their business only if they take cognizance of the following:

Recognise that opportunities abound: We are always exposed to opportunities. The door of opportunity is wide open, but he who enters first reaps the benefits. After speaking at an event recently, a top executive of an organisation  walked up to me and said, “Enyinnaya, we recently embarked on a new product, but as we were about to launch it, we got a complaint from a customer via the social media. That complaint helped us shape the product. It is one of the industry’s leading products today.”

Get on board:  the reverse can also happen. I’ve seen the rich become poor and the poor become rich; same with companies. There were great companies yesterday which are not in existence today, just because they didn’t make necessary changes. Social media changes all.

Believe: Social media activities are not a one-off thing. Consistency is what keeps you in there; but before consistency comes, believe in what you set out to achieve via social media channels.

You have to make a change, believe in the change you make, before you can see that change manifest.

Ecommerce Websites – Changing the face of business and making shopping a relaxed and fun-filled experience.

E-commerce has certainly changed the face of business and made shopping a relaxed and fun-filled experience.

There are more than 5 billion on-line shopping portals and this count is elevating everyday. One of the most important ingredient for a e-commerce site is its design. The website design should be adorable and at the same time, understandable. A stunning website exerts a pull on the visitors at their first sight. The website design is an important aspect for intensifying the traffic to the site. If the website has all the essential elements that are requisite, then the time a visitor stays on the website also increases.

To make this task simple, you can choose the right company, that offers a website, that abides the following core features.

Keep the customers in mind while designing an e-commerce website. To out-stand other e-commerce sites and to shine differently, unique design is important.

The website design should be user-friendly. Visitors of the site should be able to navigate easily through the website. Lots of graphics on a site, make it look jazzy and unfathomable. Reducing the graphics in a website would make it visually aesthetic.

The logo in your website should be clear and correctly placed.

The content of the e-commerce site should be crisp and neat. The quality of the content is an important aspect for an e-commerce website.

Usage of funky language should be avoided. The content should be framed, in such a way that it is coherent to all users.

Do not put lots of content on the website. This becomes confusing for the visitors of the site. Rather than writing paragraphs about the purpose, usage of bullet points would be apt and would catch a good real time of the visitor.

Updating the shopping site often is extremely important as people feel bored to see the same thing for a long term.

Usage of different themes would help to do the same. The most salient information, that you are trying to convey, should be at the top of the page.

The main purpose of the on line commerce site is to enhance business. For this, people should be able to place their order on the products easily. Hence, the design for the same should be as simple as possible.

The loading of the website should be extremely quick. Else, the visitors of the site would get frustrated.

E-commerce Website Development are certainly a great way of trading on line that provides security as well as convenience to the customers to trade from the convenience of their home and also result in greater profits for the website. There are plenty of services available on the internet that can also help to create the right E-commerce website according to the specific need of the company for their business.