Identifying opportunities on social media

The ability of the rich to identify opportunities is one step towards becoming rich . The second step is the action that you take . The poor sees opportunities, but even when he gets a glimpse, he doesn’t take action. Same with social media. As an entrepreneur, have you been taking advantage of opportunities which abound on the social media space?

The greatest companies have always seen opportunities and have taken necessary actions. Social media bring immense opportunities your way, either for business or personally. A report from Insite Consulting says about 61 per cent of US companies monitor consumer conversations on social media, and 83 per cent of them answer complaints and questions via social media.

Your customers are turning more and more to social media sites to air their product ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes.’ That shouldn’t be too surprising. Social media is becoming an important customer relations channel, and it’s also a great source of intelligence report on both your own and your competitor’s products.

Embracing the social media can make or break an organisation. Social media has challenged conventional marketing. Yesterday’s marketers had the privilege of ‘I-talk-you-listen.’ Now, with social media, consumers are talking and companies that do not listen are quickly “way-laid.” So, the new trend is ‘engaging the consumers.’

How do you intend to engage your customers?

Meet your customers in their leisure period: The average person spends a minimum of three hours surfing the Internet. When I make presentations, I ask my audience how many of them have visited a social media network before coming for my presentation. Almost everyone will raise their hands, some will nod. Surprised? With the infiltration of mobile phones, what do you expect?

Let the current century marketing take effect: You need to understand the fact that consumers know more about your brands and those of your competitors more than you may ever think.  To build on this, you need one-on-one marketing, which is what social media platforms afford you. The current century is not advertisements and brand campaigns thrown in customers’ faces; mind you, they will throw it right back at you — your face.

Take it further: Relationship is what keeps customers. Often, companies feel once they satisfy their customers, they have a relationship with them already. Unfortunately, satisfied customers leave all the time. Social media give you room to meet, know and create a relationship with your customers.

The world is a trendy place full with movements the faster you can go the better , look at it this way ,

 Why do people un-follow you on Twitter, only to follow someone else? 

Some companies don’t have social media platforms but still they feigned ignorance  as if nothing is happening .take it or leave it they are losing out on their business only if they take cognizance of the following:

Recognise that opportunities abound: We are always exposed to opportunities. The door of opportunity is wide open, but he who enters first reaps the benefits. After speaking at an event recently, a top executive of an organisation  walked up to me and said, “Enyinnaya, we recently embarked on a new product, but as we were about to launch it, we got a complaint from a customer via the social media. That complaint helped us shape the product. It is one of the industry’s leading products today.”

Get on board:  the reverse can also happen. I’ve seen the rich become poor and the poor become rich; same with companies. There were great companies yesterday which are not in existence today, just because they didn’t make necessary changes. Social media changes all.

Believe: Social media activities are not a one-off thing. Consistency is what keeps you in there; but before consistency comes, believe in what you set out to achieve via social media channels.

You have to make a change, believe in the change you make, before you can see that change manifest.


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